Modern Country Table

We were inspired by the grandma’s simple and archetypal farm table. Simple but somewhat charming and elegant. This warm and cosy table is entirely hand made of solid oak wood – one of the most beautiful hardwoods which only gains value through time. Its rather smaller width also contributes to very social and close atmosphere being behind the table. Functional and timeless piece of furniture design inspired from country living, matching really any interior and any chairs from classic to modern. 


Materials & finish: 100% FSC-certified solid oak wood & oak veneered carpenter’s board with natural oil-wax finish 100% handcrafted.


Available dimensions:

L 210 x W 84 x H 75 cm   L 140 x W 84 x H 75 cm

L 180 x W 84 x H 75 cm   L 84 x W 84 x H 75 cm

L 160 x W 84 x H 75 cm   Custom sizes upon request


Product sheet & technical drawing:

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