Daily care

Warm North furniture is easy to maintain. The oiled surface can be cleaned with a mild solution of water & soap (avoid aggressive soaps) or with a special soap for oiled surfaces. Any stain should be removed immediately from the surface. The oiled treatment protects the oak wood against staining by most common fluids, but is still no guarantee against stains.

Preventive & regular treatment

Treatment with Osmo Top oil-wax, according to the product’s finish. Application: apply the oil once/twice a month during the first 3 months. This finish will restore the initial coating and seal the pores of the timber, forming a natural protection against everyday wear and tear. Afterwards, an application twice a year should be sufficient to maintain the soft oil-wax finish of the wood.

Wooden furniture Maintenance

Wood, like any other natural and porous material continues to absorb and to release humidity throughout its life. Therefore all the Warm North’s solid wood products must be placed to the interiors with stable climate and humidity conditions. Variations in wood grain, texture & color, knots and other natural occurring characteristics are inherent to solid wood and will contribute to the charm of Warm North’s furniture.