Palette Side Table

Side tables are one of the best ways to infuse fun or bring an entirely new element into a room. This is all why Palette Side Tables were brought to life. And they are also something really practical — especially in a seating arrangement — we need a place to lean over and put our drink and magazines. Palette Side Table with its steel details which come in different wonderful colour combinations, mixed with natural and warm oak wood tray and a really convenient shelving unit underneath the worktop. Choose fun colors for making a room vibrant or pick something monochrome for a more classic look.


Natural oak wood worktop with shelf, powder coated steel subframe and tray edge.


Frame colors:

Sandpapery Black, Pink & Desert Beige, Sky Blue & Azure Blue, Pink & Red, British Green, Cotton White. Frame and a tray edge can also be finished in your choice of RAL color.



H 47 cm

W 42 x 42 cm


Product sheet & technical drawing:

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